Brett Sharp

    There has been one constant at Star Country since its inception… Brett Sharp.  Brett loves doing the morning show with Boomer.  In fact, he says “Boomer’s my best friend….he probably knows more about me than my wife”  He has been in radio for over 30 years and started at 17 years old.  He and his wife Hanner spend their ti,me fishing, riding motorcycles and spending time with family!  Brett’s biggest accomplishment is his son, Noah.  Noah is in the United States Air Force, serving his country.  Brett is very proud of his son.  Brett received his black belt in karate in 2015, and is now working on getting his 2nd degree.  Brett loves his listeners….and, hugs them when he gets the opportunity.

    Brett Sharp is on 94.9 Star Country weekday mornings from 6 to 10AM with Boomer!!