Name that Star


WSLC-FM/ 94.9 Star Country “Name That Star” Contest Rules


The following stipulates contest rules for the Name That Star promotion featured on WSLC-FM/ 94.9 Star Country.  Each contest may have additional restrictions and/or qualifications that will be noted with each contest.

  1. Round 1 Name that Star will begin at 7:20AM on Thursday, September 16, 2021. The contest will run approximately 4 weeks ending on or around October 15, 2021
  2. Monday through Friday one time per hour starting at 7AM and ending at 7PM (not including the 7PM hour), 94.9 Star Country will play a short snippet of a song. The DJ will solicit for caller 12.  If caller 12 can correctly identify the title of the song and the artist of the song, he or she will win the $1,000 cash prize.  If he or she cannot correctly identify the artist and title, the caller does not win the money and has a chance to guess again the next hour.
  3. The song snippet will be made slightly longer each day at the discretion of the program director and imaging director.
  4. A listener can only win by being the 12th caller at (540) 767-7827 or 1-866-949-7827. No guesses will be accepted through e-mail, Facebook posts, text messages or in person.
  5. After a round ends, a new round will begin at 7:20AM the following weekday morning
  6. Prize money/ checks to winners will be sent from Star Country’s banks processing center and sent via USPS.
  7. Designated representative: In very unique situations, designated representatives will be allowed to claim prizes.  Written authorization from the winner is required, including representatives name and social security number, along with a photocopy of the winner’s driver’s license / state ID.  The designated representative must also provide (2) valid forms of ID.  Star Country will determine what constitutes a “unique situation.”
  8. The Name That Star contest is open to any and all Star Country listeners, with the exception of employees of Mel Wheeler, Inc., sponsors , its agencies, subsidiaries, affiliates, representatives and families; anyone involved with the production, preparation and distribution of contest materials; and employees and families of employees of other radio stations.
  9. Star Country disclaims any responsibility for inability to complete a telephone call, whether due to telephone equipment or malfunction, busy lines or otherwise. Entries not conforming to announced entry specifications will not be acknowledged or returned.
  10. All contestants acknowledge, as a condition of entry, that Star Country has the right to publicize and/or broadcast contestants name, character, likeness, voice or all matters incidental herein. All contest entries become the property of Star Country.
  11. Any person calling Star Country’s contest line, 540-767-7827, or 1-866-949-7827, gives consent to being recorded and/or broadcast without notification or compensation.
  12. Only one (1) winner per household or family every thirty (30) days per contest.
  13. Winners under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Parent or legal guardian must also provide ID and sign appropriate release forms. In the case of winning money, the parent or legal guardian will become the prize winner meaning check will be made out to parent or legal guardian and they are responsible for all taxes associated with the prize.
  14. All unclaimed prizes or uncashed checked will be deemed refused and will be forfeited. Star Country is at liberty to give away any unclaimed/forfeited prize at the conclusion of the original winner’s 30 day grace period.
  15. Star Country may substitute one prize for another of equal value without “on-air” or “off-air” acknowledgement.
  16. No purchase necessary to enter or win. Any Star Country contest is void where prohibited by law.
  17. Star Country/Mel Wheeler, Inc. is not responsible for defective prizes.
  18. Additions and deletions to these rules are subject to the discretion of Star Country, and may be enacted at any time.
  19. Any and all taxes associated with winning cash or prizes is the sole responsibility of the winner.
  20. Specific contests may have an addendum which is to be included in the basic contest rules.
  21. Basic contests rules and addendums are available for review, during regular office hours as stated herein, or upon receipt of a self-addressed stamped envelope only.
  22. WSLC is not responsible for any weather changes or extenuating circumstances relating to a prize received.
  23. Additional accommodations needed above and beyond awarded prize are the sole responsibility of the winner.
  24. Any prizes that are mailed are considered delivered at such time they are relinquished to the US Postal Service or any other courier/ delivery service.  Star Country is not responsible for lost or stolen prizes.

Revised 9/10/2021